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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Whats the ideal place for IIT in Karnataka?

Whats the ideal place for IIT in Karnataka?

There is lot of debate ongoing on which location is best suited for IIT in Karnataka. 
Since its a central sponsored institution, there are some noise from few citizens that such institution doesnt add value to the state education system. 
The state would benefit from the presence of an IIT in Karnataka. Most of the students or their parents did not prefer any IIT since Karnataka did not have one. The ones who used to study for IIT exams used to prefer IIT Powai or IIT Madras depending on proximity to their home town. 
With the establishment of IIT in Karnataka, the odds might change and we can see more students trying to crack IIT exams in coming days. 

Now, lets come back to the original point. Which place in Karnataka would be ideal for IIT. 
I have listed down few factors which would be beneficial to student/faculty while studying in IIT Karnataka. Lets remember that in house facilities do matter but students and faculty wont stick to the campus throughout 4 years of academics. 

So, there should be supporting infrastructure once the student/faculty comes out of the campus
What does a IIT student/faculty need once they are out of campus? (not in any order of preference ) 
1. Good hotels
2. Lodges for parents to stay during visiting their wards.
3. Industries where they can do research or internship
4. Recreational facilities
5. Cheap or affordable housing
6. Access to rail, road and air transport hubs
Now, my rank for these 3 cities since I visited or stayed there for 3-5 days as a tourist.

IIT Karnataka
Choosing place for IIT , Karnataka
So, you can see that most of the cities are having one strong point and one moderate positive point. On the basis of factors which I have chosen, I am surprised to see that there is such a close fight.

Therefore , I can conclude that Dharwada would be having a slight edge since government land has been identified. If there is any change in location, it would be the political ball game rather than anything else.