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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Kannada short film makers need to read this !

Early morning on a weekend, I wanted to research about the predictive analysis and logged onto the internet. Thanks to power ministry, my desktop had an unexpected shutdown yesterday due to the powercuts.

As soon as I started Chrome, it asked “Whether I should restore your session? “And I said, yes!

After sometime, I got an offline message on FB chat asking for my phone number from a Kannada short film maker.

Wondering whats in store, I shared the number and the first Q which popped up was “ Are you admin of Samanya Kannadiga (SK)page? “

I said, since I busy with other things I am not managing that page but let me know if you need something to be posted on that page.

Then, Shashank ( the person who pinged me on FB ) told me that SK page has posted the video of his friend and he likes it to be removed.  He didnt say that directly but his conversation in leaning in that direction.

Yesterday night, I was just wondering about the misplaced priorities and lack of understanding of the digital marketing of the KSFI (Kannada Short Film Industry)
Kannada Film Industry is having lot of people who doesnt even know what is a computer or internet ; so lack of digitial marketing is ok. But , the young creeds of FB, Youtube fans are making this assumptions regarding Youtube views was disturbing.

Just to illustrate. You must know or heard the Kolaveri Di song from a Tamil movie. I don’t even recollect the name of the movie but I know that song.

The youtube views of this video is  9.83 crores. Sony Music India knows that there are lot more videos which have used the song directly or indirectly but still are bothered to check each of them and take them down.

"Most of us would be familiar with the Korean pop star Park Jae- Sang’s, (better known as PSY) music album Gangnam Style that went viral over the internet and became the most-viewed You- Tube’s video. And with this song PSY is all set to make millions from You-tube adds and i-tune downloads. His relaxed attitude towards mass copying and sharing contributed in making the song a super-hit. This has infact helped him in earning significant reputation. 

Last year, Dhanush’s “Why this Kolaveri di”‘s overwhelming popularity had made it the song of the year. Dhanush had sold his rights over the song to Sony Music. However, in spite of the viral nature of the song and the mass copying and sharing of this song, Sony Music restrained from taking any action to sue the infringers."
I am quoting the sentences from this blog

In Karnataka and especially Kannada cinema industry is treating piracy as goondaism.

The bylanes of Benglauru and Karnataka has persons selling non Kannada cinema to all the cinema fans. Kannada film industry is not concerned about that? Are they fighting piracy or just denying low cost options to view Kannada cinema to Kannadigas?

Also, why are other film industries not concerned about piracy sales in Karnataka? Why are they not concerned about it.
Reason being

  • They know that good content always attracts the audience. 
  • They are seeing sales of pirated CD's as marketing for their industry and way to build their audience base.  
To summarize,

  • Audience wants sample of the work. This drives them to view the work in theatre, buy legitimate prints later down the lane. 
  • First, illegal copies of a content good can play a sampling role by attracting consumers and driving them to purchase a legitimate copy later.
  • Second, many content goods generate network effects; that is, the attraction of the good increases with the number of consumers of that good, regardless of the consumed copies being legitimate or not.
  • Piracy can increase demand for goods that are complementary to the pirated content; the producer is then able to capture indirectly the value that consumers attach to the pirated good.
  • Finally, I would like to say that "Good content" generate good publicity and causes network effect. To illustrate one example, I choose the Kolaveri Di again. 

Legitimate views of Kolaveri DI
9.83 crore views from the official Sony Music India

Legitimate views of Telugu masala video.
Combined view of 7.2 crore for these 2 video

A recently added video with 2 crore views

Out of these 4 video's , which one do you recollect?

The good content or poorly made content

Now, it shows that youtube view or count doesn’t matter

I shall call the FB video uploading as piracy by KSFI. Since most of the KSFI makers are skeptical to upload content on FB and expect the viewers to watch them from youtube channel alone.

  • Why are content producer of KSFI fearing piracy or not ready to look beyond the Youtube views?

Numerous studies have converged on the conclusion, now widely accepted, that piracy has had a negative impact on physical CD sales. But, it has never mattered to the artist since they are making money using stage shows.
 In your case, a FB video might have impact on your Youtube views. But, it would always result in more publicity for your video.

However, let’s not discount the fact that vast majority of content sharing from FB ( that were considered as illegally consumed) would not have happened in the absence of FB video.

My wish list for KSFI :

  • Get out of the mould that Youtube views = good content or would make as next star director/actor,
  • Use the FB video, watsapp video feature to share the content
  • Use the watermark or use the banner to promote your cinema house, production house or your own name
  • Make it easier to reach you - phone, email, blog, twitter etc
  • Listen to audience feedback ! they are your consumers at the end of the day 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

whats on your mind?

FB asked Whats on your mind?

Today morning, read about 2 disturbing incidents where women were harassed and both of them felt no use in giving complaint or believed that the system can give them justice.
16 yr old girl was sent back after counselling who later committed suicide and the other lady is still recovering from the shock !

One of my colleague comes to me and says he is stressed out from growing traffic day by day. His 6 yr old son said to him " Appa, lets shift to the village . I dont like this place, its so crowded . I feel happy when i am in the hometown and want to lead life with nature"

My colleagues in the bus discuss about when would Metro would open and if we can dream about travelling in Metro from our home to offices atleast in next 3 years.

One of my friend who is into recruitment says that recession is around the corner, therefore most of the companies are going slow on hiring. But, the government thinks otherwise and can effect a change. Unless, I see job postings in Wednesday paper ; I dont feel the effect of development

One more colleague is concerned about the rising property prices and there is no end to loop of loans into which a IT professional is sucked into ! loans for cars, homes, electrical appliances, mobile phones etc !

On top of this, everyone is asked to stay positive. write positive about brand India which has arrived !

Hope there is something to cheer about at the end of this journey..

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dont keep blaming everything around you , look at yourself first

Lets start with some introspection 

There are lot of social media unrest over Salman Khan, Jayalalitha, R Raju and so many other cases. The social media netizens are questioning the sanity and correctness of the judicial system.

Before you starting blaming the judiciary, blame yourself.

We are the people who have stopped following basic rules,
We need policing for everything, right from following lane to paying taxes on time,
We love finding short cuts before starting any work,
We love jumping Q's , paying bribes to get work done faster , bending rules to suit our needs,
We want to become super rich, super smart ; hook or crook,
We want to show that we are powerful, well connected
We love to display wealth ; be it new architect designed flat or custom made car
We have stopped giving time for correcting flaws in system
We are the ones who laugh at activists , say they dont have any other better work in life
We are the one who think that anyone opposing the system is a prick, loser etc




When we see that system is so flawed and can let people at the top go scot free even after glaring evidence pointing at them; its the problem with us also.
How would a system get better laws, judges, officers, politicians, engineers and so on.

Its from the pool called "WE the people"

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How was Bengaluru in the 90s?

1. School kids had to buy 2 sweaters with uniform. Half sweater and full arm sweater. Without half sweater, no one would even step out of the house. 
The thumb rule was 
Strong n sturdy folks can wear half sweater
Easily prone to cold should wear full sweater. 
But, when winter kicks in. It was like wearing muffler, full arm sweater and then blowing out the air from the mouth to see who has thick fog. I always thought that children could smoke by doing so. 

2. One could reach any part of the city in 20 mins in the Lambretta, Vijay, Enfield, Chetak, IND - Suzuki, TVS. 

3. Train ride in Cubbon park
 Band stand in Vidhana Soudha/LalBagh/Cubbon park
 Joy Ice cream after giant wheel ride
were considered as "cool" activities to be done on Sunday. There was no concept of weekend

4. Almost, all roads were 2 way and I remember people were amazed when Avenue road was made one way. JC road was later made as one way, I guess

5. If a area didnt have enough trees, it was considered as outskirts, new extension. In short, trees were the benchmark for assessing the age of layout :P 

6. Old Airport was the end of the city. Infact, anything beyond the trinity circle was considered as Bangalore - Airport. News paper used to carry temperature reading of Bangalore and Bangalore - Airport. 
Most of the times, airport used to be cooler by 1-2 deg when compared to city. I was always jealous of it while reading the news and used to be happy when Bangalore city was cooler than Airport. 

7. Torino, Gold Spot, Bejos, Rooafza, Tutty Fruity, Campo Cola, Yummies, Maggi etc were the cool things to eat, drink ! We had got Niligris Pizza in Brigade road and it was a cool thing during those days

8. Barton Center, Fifth Avenue, Rajeha Arcade were our shopping centers where one could buy imported (smuggled) foreign goods.

9. NASA, Down Town, Blue Fox etc were popular hangouts for the college folks. 

10. The era of clubs had started. Manipal County, Best Club etc started on city outskirts where one could experience resort amenities

11. If there was a good Dr. Rajkumar movie playing on DD Kannada on Sunday evening, it could be considered as lean period for business. Those were the days when marriage timings were adjusted so that people dont miss Mahabharata serial :) 

12. Gobi Manchuri had just hit the menu of Bengaluru hotels. I still remember eating that dish and forcing my dad to order one everytime we went to restaurant.

13. We had Red colored BTS buses, Pusphak buses were considered as luxury, Double deckered bus ( thanks to comment from Abhishek ) on few routes , Auto which had engine in the front seat and everyone loved Premier Padmini, Ambassador , Fiat, Maruti 800, Contessa cars over Audi, Lamborghini :)

14. Ganesha Festival, Annamma Devi festival, Kannada Rajyostava were celebrated with zeal. 
First few hours of the morning were dedicated for bhakti geethe of BR chaya, Rathna mala prakash etc and later came the film songs.  
There were horn mics blowing out new numbers of Shiva rajkumar movie or other sleazy numbers  during the afternoon ensuring that no one sleeps in the vicinity of pandal. ;-) Evening time was reserved for Orchestra, drama etc. 
Most of the people enjoyed it and none of them used to call cops stating sound disturbance. I wonder, have we lost that patience off late when we call cops even for slight sound in the colony. 

15. Those days, kids used to play on streets.  Roads were having minimal traffic and it was easy to play cricket. Play grounds were used during summer time or holidays. 
Power cut was most welcome since it would relieve us from studying or doing homework. The game "Dabba" was the default choice for kids in the colony during power cuts in evening. 

16. "Naale Ba" ( translates to Come Tomorrow ) was found on almost every door of the middle class household. It was a scare created in 90s (atleast in minds of kids ) that some old lady ( a witch ) is roaming the streets of Bengaluru asking for water. If someone opens the door for her, then bad things would happen. So, everyone has this "Naale Ba" written on their doors for some years.

This was written as answer by me to a question posted on Quora. :) I thought of putting the same on my blog too. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Whats the ideal place for IIT in Karnataka?

Whats the ideal place for IIT in Karnataka?

There is lot of debate ongoing on which location is best suited for IIT in Karnataka. 
Since its a central sponsored institution, there are some noise from few citizens that such institution doesnt add value to the state education system. 
The state would benefit from the presence of an IIT in Karnataka. Most of the students or their parents did not prefer any IIT since Karnataka did not have one. The ones who used to study for IIT exams used to prefer IIT Powai or IIT Madras depending on proximity to their home town. 
With the establishment of IIT in Karnataka, the odds might change and we can see more students trying to crack IIT exams in coming days. 

Now, lets come back to the original point. Which place in Karnataka would be ideal for IIT. 
I have listed down few factors which would be beneficial to student/faculty while studying in IIT Karnataka. Lets remember that in house facilities do matter but students and faculty wont stick to the campus throughout 4 years of academics. 

So, there should be supporting infrastructure once the student/faculty comes out of the campus
What does a IIT student/faculty need once they are out of campus? (not in any order of preference ) 
1. Good hotels
2. Lodges for parents to stay during visiting their wards.
3. Industries where they can do research or internship
4. Recreational facilities
5. Cheap or affordable housing
6. Access to rail, road and air transport hubs
Now, my rank for these 3 cities since I visited or stayed there for 3-5 days as a tourist.

IIT Karnataka
Choosing place for IIT , Karnataka
So, you can see that most of the cities are having one strong point and one moderate positive point. On the basis of factors which I have chosen, I am surprised to see that there is such a close fight.

Therefore , I can conclude that Dharwada would be having a slight edge since government land has been identified. If there is any change in location, it would be the political ball game rather than anything else.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bengaluru elections

 BJP has started making the noise for BBMP elections by putting Naidu to talk about delay in metro, traffic congestion issue in Bengaluru
Congress should pull up the socks and work towards pressuring BJP to release JNNRUM funds in 2015 to push infra projects
AAP should have more local connect than hindi centric model of politics. Even its 3 language formula communication will irritate the local population which is already frustrated of Hindi and English dominance.

What Bengaluru needs

1. Party which can assure solution for traffic problem.

a. Widen or extend  the dead end of various 60ft, 50ft roads in layouts adjacent to main corriords of Bengaluru. This would ease gridlocks in Banerghatta road, Whitefield, Airport road etc.

2. Someone who can talk in economic sense rather than populist measures

Whats the GDP of Bengaluru , how are we going to improve it? How are we going to contribute to 'ease of doing business'?

3. Clear confusion regarding title, property n other issues related to housing

Whats A , B , E khata? How are we going to regularize the constructions? FSI, OC etc. Please talk in these terms rather than anything else.

4. Start promoting waste recycling, segregation than looking for dumping grounds

Take funds from Swacch Bharat abhiyan and make most of these funds to tackle waste management problems.

5. Revive the lung space and give space to de stress

We are the suicide capital of India. Can we have more spaces for de stress in the city? Can we have more band stands, bal bhavans , parks within or on outskirts to improve the quality of life after work.