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Monday, June 30, 2014

Paper or email tigers cant protect territories

There was a email chain going rounds that some kid in a school was stripped of the vice captain post as punishment since he/she used Kannada in school.
As a starter, this measure is unacceptable and the blanket ban on speaking in non-English languages is retrograde.
But, we are so much used to knee jerk reaction and dont tend to think beyond some horizon !
We are bunch of lazy buggers who raise a voice only when someone holds us against the wall. But, this method wont work for long !!

There has been lot of discussions centering around

Where do your kids study?

What medium did you study since you dont speak good English etc.

Looking at these line of talks, I am sure most of us would like their kids to study in English medium and atleast have Kannada as first language but don’t completely believe the quality of schools in and around Bangalore.

The need to create a parallel top-notch Kannada medium schools is the need of the hour to counter the claims of the govt which says that demand for Kannada medium schools is on decline.

But, we cant start off with a Kannada medium since the economy is dependent on English language skills. The ideal welfare state would be to create a economy based on Kannada language but it would take time.

Since the present govt. policy is favorable to opening of new Kannada medium schools, we should start with building pre-schools and then slowly start providing other forms of education.
5 years down the lane, if this group of Kannadigas can provide the backbone support to roll out curriculum and twist the education sector to make the learning relevant and scientific in nature.

Instead of paying hefty donations to schools, we can pool this money and get our own school.. 
So, why cant 10-15 of us pool in say 1 lakh each and build a own school where we can control the quality of education.
In future, atleast 10-15 parents reading this blog are going to  pay 1 to 2 lakhs donation, 2000 rs monthly fees and incur lot more expenses on education. If these parents come together and start off with their own school ; they can create better citizens.

We would be sure about the quality of teachers and we can also spread the message of Kannada jagurthi right from childhood to these kids. It would be place where no kid is fined for speaking in Kannada, no kid is seen down for not knowing English etc..

I checked out the website and found that we need 5 lakhs worth of assets or 5 lakh deposit with the govt. is needed to start off.
Why cant we work towards opening Kannada education school in Bangalore and burst the myth among parents too?
Application details @
This shows that schooling standards is the problem.. be it govt or private.. so, govt should work on that aspect instead of opening or closing schools..

Start with pre-segment school where eminent educationalist with Kannada cause will determine the pre-school segment syllabus. Since this sector is not controlled by govt. with a iron hand ; we have a free hand in determination of syllabus.

Why should we start with this sector?

This would help in gaining foot hold and also easier to convince parents of our education model. Education model : L1(Kannada), L2(English) educational model with supplementary L3(Hindi) to fill statutory requirements. This model is popular in African countries

In our educational model, students are taught in Kannada then slowly introduced to English. The students would have transition worked out in order to reduce the sudden change from Kannada medium to English one.

yochane maadi ! all that it takes is 10-15 parents to come together and form a group to start off in education sector. 
Either we can do that 
Succumb to that education lobby teaching English to our kids and glorifying rote education ! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

What do Kannadigas .... at?

5 things in which Kannadiga's are bad and need to improve leaps and bounds! 

If we like to be seen as considerable force in coming days rather than race which is open hearted, soft, generous etc ; then read further !
else ,
be the way you are and stop cribbing about things around you .

5. Talking out in a crowd / just being loud / hanging out together as a group

Generally, we are shy , generous creatures who are happy if someone takes the responsibility. We are happy even if someone takes the cake too! (we are generous , you see ;-) )
We tend to get scared of the repercussions of talking out in a crowd or we are too polite to talk out loud in a corporate setting.
Also, we dont like to be seen as Kannada fanatic ; therefore we like to have a global approach while making friends or choosing the group. Most of us would like/try to make friends with all other linguistically dominant people. Try to become one among them by speaking macha .. , machi .. ,  bechan .. , madhar ... etc with them and think that its cool ! 

Result : We are never noticed or seen as a group !  Ever heard of Kannada gang in your college or university?
Kannadiga group, time to be seen as a force?
Image : 

4. Taking responsibility or being a leader

The after effect of earlier point, we hate being leaders!
15-20 of our local corporators are Reddy's , some of them are Naidu ; some of them are Tamilians who have settled down here from last 20-30 yrs!   In next 20-30 years, it might be Raju Bhaiya,Yadav and so on representing us in BBMP council. 
We let the migrants ride on us since we are too scared to experiment and experience with failure while the ride is smooth. In a typical Kannadiga style, we like to be in SAFE ZONE. 
Its not just about politics.

Have ever noticed that most of the VP's in corporate IT companies are not from Karnataka. Does it mean that we lack capability to produce such people in Karnataka? 
We love to play the second fiddle to someone who can lead. 
We need high command to command us.
That’s why we don’t have a regional party or we don’t have a good political system centered in our state. We always look for signals from outside Karnataka.
This phenomena is not just limited to political circle, it can be seen in every other sector! 

Result : We are fit to become secretaries or trusted right hand, left hand for someone. 
Respecting "High" command
Picture :

3. Postponing things for eternity, being lazy or just not taking a step forward

We all want to become rich (just like that, selling some Devanahalli land or hedging BDA sites),
Become IAS/IPS officer (oh sorry, engineering / medical folks dont even know such thing can be cool thing to do ! ),
Get a good break in our field of work,
Just want to change things around us.
These thoughts would reside in the corner of the brain but never gets into action.
Blame it on the eco system or you ! 
let's admit that our race is having most amount of unmotivated, lazy buggers spending their time just doing nothing!
There are some set of people who are brilliant, but as general characteristic ; ask any samanya Kannadiga "He/she is lazy to do things and spend most of time bragging about the past "
We know that we have a better brain but we never use it for constructive work ! most of our brain is spent on ' how to escape work ' ; 'how to skip attending XYZ event or avoid someone ' etc 
Have you noticed that even after 8yrs of Dr. Rajkumar passing away, we are yet to build a good memorial. Same goes for Dr. Vishnuvardhan too! 
Such similar things exists in all sectors, not just with film and stars! 
Result : We are the great generation who have inherited the laziness and decided to pass the same to our kids. 
Perfect Kannadiga :-P

2. Celebrating the Kannada culture

Ragi mudde is yuck, dhokla is cool
Idly is so boring, Parota is yummy !

Celebrating Kammana hunnime is unheard, but Holi is everywhere
Bhimana amavase is new word, but Raksha bhandan is heard everywhere

Wearing little kunkuma on forehead and a panche is rowdy , but wearing sherwani is ethnic
Wearing silk saree (not even mysuru silk) is old fashioned,
 I need a gharga choli, lehenga, anarkali style dress !

When was the last time , we flaunted the Kannada food, culture , dress, customs etc !
We suck at this part totally ! 
You might even ask, is there something called as Kannada dress, food etc.

We have stopped using our culture and adapting or aping others so much that we cant even identify something distinct as our culture today.

Huli anna in unheard, it has become rice sambhar ; 
Oota has become Meals, thali ;
Chitranna has become Lemon Rice .

Its no longer Rave idly, its Rava idli.

Time might come when bisi bele bhat would become Hot Lentil Rice in some years !
 I am not joking, just check some of the blogs written by our Kannada da kanyamani on Internet. Some of them don’t even know Kannada names ; I believe.

I might sound nit picking, but all these would become the next culture and we tend to lose our unique identity as time passes! 

Result : We might have to search for traditional recipe in the museum to know about Kannada, Karnataka food style in coming days! 
Lets walk the talk
image :

1. Networking

Most of Kannadigas $uck at networking and don’t know how to use networking for professional and personal need (i.e gain). Networking is used as last resort when everything fails.
Therefore, there are chances that you would have got a call from your long lost engineering friend on a Friday evening ; when his/her job is at stake and he/she gets to know that you are managing a team in another company.

All these years, he/she would have ignored you or just found it hard to call you occasionally or have a chat with you in social media. Suddenly, he/she finds the lost friend and expects you to help him/her just because you were engineering classmates 10 years go !
I call this as bad networking skills. Networking happens daily and not when its " do or die " situation.

Kannadigas are mostly shy creatures and don’t even talk to another Kannadiga unless pushed to the wall. Most of the times, they would get annoyed if someone picks a conversation when you are travelling in the bus or seem friendly to them.
There are instances where one would know that there are some Kannadigas in the vicinity, but none of them take the initiative to talking to each other fearing rejection or just being shy.

Kannadigas have few very close friends who are in touch and there would be a larger group of friends, relatives whom they meet only in birthday parties, marriages or other social events.
Even when they meet each other at these events, all that they talk is "Hi, how are you? " "Chennagi idira?"
If they have some common topics to talk, then it would mostly Bengaluru real estate, Stock market, Modi and his charisma  and so on.

Message to Kannada boys : Don’t talk to Kannada girls just for sake of fraaaandship. There is much more in life rather than romance. Respect the women and network with either sex ; you cant be a Casanova just because you are talking non stop and sending zillion fraandship requests everyday

Message to Kannada girls : Gottu, nimage Kannada andre swalpa allergy ! Even then, try to roam around and network with Kannada folks. Hindi , English etc flaunting in office, college wont give you brownie points!
If our boys are not cool, let them know what you look forward in them ; I am sure that they would work towards it to impress you! 

Start networking from today !
image :

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Choose any language Mr. Modi , but give the same freedom to us also !

According to the latest news report; during the post swearing ceremony meetings ; Modi communicated in Hindi with foreign dignitaries.
This is seen as new trend setting and as positive message in social media. Some of the media reports has even misquoted Hindi as national language whereas we don't have any such mention in our constitution.  

While Modi is free to talk in whatever language he wishes to, at the same time his government should ensure that Hindi imposition on Non-Hindi states stops.
All languages in this country should be treated as equal and state government should get the freedom to decide in what language they want to interact with central government instead of limiting option to just two languages.

Right now, the Official Languages Act needs to be revisited and ensure that all 22 scheduled languages become the official languages of the Indian Union. 
This would be good measure since unnecessary focus on Hindi is threatening the linguistic diversity and creating barriers for non-Hindi states in terms of employment, mobility etc.

On a side note, this move has left the Srilankan PM furious.Srilankan PM doesnt even know that there is a language by name Hindi ;-) 
He says  " I will have to learn Hindu because he does not know English" Report @